Colorful Heritage is involved in a various projects and exhibition based around our core themes of Capture, Celebrate and Inspire.

Bashir Maan Archive

Bashir Maan Archive

In 2014 Colourful Heritage, teamed up with Glasgow Life to create Scotland’s first dedicated physical archive based at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. It is named after Mr Bashir Maan who as a trailbrazer was a leading political figure in Glasgow who became Britain’s first Muslim elected to public office in 1970 as a Councillor in Glasgow and was Scotlands first Muslim Justice of Peace in 1968.

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Glasgow Life

‘GlaswegAsians’ Exhibition, Scotland Street Museum

A dedicated exhibition at Scotland Street School Museum (SSSM) in Glasgow using the Colourful Heritage material. Promoting the contributions of the South Asian community to Scotland.

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Colourful Heritage Timeline

Starting from 1855 this fascinating timeline takes you through the journey of the evolution of the South Asian and Muslim community in Scotland.

To view the digital version click here. The physical timeline is on display at the GlaswegAsians Exhibition at Scotland Street School Museum

Do you think there is a moment that should be captured in the timeline? If so help us populate the timeline by sharing your interesting facts and images via email on info@colourfulheritage.com

Every event shared is like a coloured strand that adds to the colourful tartan fabric of Scottish society!

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