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Preserving South Asian and Muslim heritage in Scotland

Watch and hear the many untold heroic stories of the early South Asian trailblazers!

Click on the videos and open up an all new historical experience with fascinating stories about the adventures people encountered to make their way to Scotland.

Learn about what were the challenges of coming to a foreign land? How they moved from peddlars to multi-millionaires? How the early mosques and community facilities were established? What personal values the early-settlers held and why they finally settled in Scotland.

The unique video footage experience enables us to see their facial expressions, feel their emotions and hear their tones of voice, creating poignant memories of these great men and women and helping us to gain a better understanding/put together the pieces of the jigsaw of the South Asian Muslim community’s earliest days in Scotland.

Do you know anyone who’s story you feel should be shared? If so get in touch and we can arrange for their experiences to be captured and preserved.

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Sabiha Quayum


Khalid Mir - HD


Mohammed Saleem Irshad - HD


Mohammed Issa


Wazir Ali


Sajida Chaudhery


Alex Salmond


Ghulam Nabi